Please read the following F.A.Q., terms & conditions before ordering

What does 12-48 hour turnaround mean?
Once your job has been submitted and paid in full, most jobs will be done printing in an estimated 12-48 business hours. Die-cutting, binding, folding, spot uv, brochures, numbering, cd duplication, stickers, and specialty products etc are not included in this turnaround. 
A 24 hour rush fee means your job is guaranteed to be done and printed the next business day after order is placed (excluding die-cutting, binding, etc) and can be picked up from our facility or shipped.  It does not mean you will have it printed, shipped and receive it within 24 hours.

What payment options do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards as well as paypal.  Please be aware when paying with eCheck it may take 3-5 business days for the payment to go through. All orders must be paid in advance.

Can you print sizes other than what is listed?
We cater to your needs. Choose the larger size closest to the size you need, and in the special instructions field, just state the correct size you want your order to be printed as.

Can I split an order of 5,000 into 2,500/2,500?
For every job you want printed, please place a separate order for each job. You can not split a 5,000 quantity order into 2 sets of 2,500. The order must be placed as 2,500 of one order and 2,500 of the next order. Any time anything is different on a design (example a phone number), new plates need to be made.

What kind of paper do you use?
All standard business cards and flyers/postcards are printed on 12/14pt card stock paper. We offer super gloss UV coating at no extra charge. All brochures are printed on glossy 100# text weight paper.  If there is a specific paper you need (16pt, linen, silk, satin, etc), please find it on our website or call us and let us know.  All files should be in CMYK when submitted for printing.

When will I get my order?
Most print orders will ship 12-48 hours after the job is submitted, paid and completed.  We cannot be responsible for shipping delays once the job leaves our facility and due to weather conditions and other such acts of nature.  You can keep track of your order in your account to see when it will arrive.  A 24 hour rush means you are guaranteed your job will be printed and can be picked up from our facility the next business day or/and shipped out the next business day after order is placed (excluding die-cutting, etc).  It does not mean they are done and printed 24 hours from the exact time order is placed (example if you place an order at 8am Monday, it does not mean your job will be ready at 8am Tuesday but it will be done Tuesday). It does not mean you will have it printed, shipped and receive it within 24 hours.

Standard printing practices require a tag on all orders (printed by on flyers. We do not tag our brokers' jobs.  If you do not want your job tagged please add that in the special instructions/comments section of your order.

1. If a job needs to be reprinted, the original order in full must be returned at the client's expense within 48 hours of receiving the order.

2. Liability is limited to our cost price of any defected product. We are not liable for any consequential or special damages such as profit losses, etc.

3. All sales are final. Absolutely no refunds. Only credit to a future order will be issued.

4. If there was a problem in the printing process by our plant, we will reprint the job or provide you with a credit off a future order if the job was not finished.

5. We are not responsible for any misplaced artwork, cds, dvds, flash drives, etc that you have sent to be printed. Please do not send us your only copy of your artwork.

6. Prices, terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.  We are not responsible for server or web site technical issues which can interfere with taxes and shipping costs.  Sales tax in our county include sales tax, sur-charge, internet tax and credit card processing fee.  To avoid processing fess you may choose to pay via CashApp or Zelle by contacting us. If you are tax exempt, please e-mail us the tax exempt certificate or re-sale tax
certificate.  You can also put in your exempt number in your account.

7. If you have a job that is color critical, then gang run printing (which is the way we print) is not the way to go as we do not color match. The computer screen that you see your design on may appear a particular shade on one screen and an entirely different shade on another screen. What you see on the screen will be darker and sometimes a different shade of color when it prints. Another factor is the type of color mode your design was done in. If the design was done in RGB, it will more than likely get darker when the conversion is done to CMYK which is the way we need a file in order to be able to print it. Lastly most 5,000 pcs orders are grouped together and printed on a much larger sheet of paper, we loose individual control over every single color on every single job. Instead we look at the sheet as a whole and try to get colors to be within a certain range. Over all the finished product should be within a certain range within the shade of the color and when placing an order you agree to this.

8. Orders are legally binding contracts.

As industry standard on quantities, you will receive within 10% more or less due to errors and make ready files. As far as the final size, due to INEVITABLE tolerances in paper mills, on printing presses, and on cutters, the final size may vary slightly. For example, if you submit a 4 x 6, the final size can really be as small as 3 7/8 x 5 7/8 (3.875 x 5.875). This is a printing standard and by placing an order with us you find this completely acceptable. 

10. To maintain our competitive edge, we set up and process jobs as soon as we receive them. If you wish to cancel a job, you need to call or text our office and we will be more than happy to cancel it if it has not started printing already. No order can be canceled once it has been plated.

11. All quotes are valid for 30 days.

12. When requesting one of our designers to design your project, please be aware we go by your guidelines unless you give us 100% creative control.  The design process is very time consuming.  We charge a flat fee and do not charge by the hour like other companies.  When we go by your guidelines or ideas, you are allowed (3) changes before you are charged extra fees. 

13. Please proof your artwork at least 3 times before you submit it. We are not responsible for any mistakes on your submitted artwork. When submitting artwork, you also certify that you own the rights to use the image(s) being printed on your order.

14. We have the right to use your finished work for samples and/or advertising purposes.

15. We suggest not putting any borders around your artwork. In the cutting process some jobs tend to move a little and we cannot guarantee the border will be even on all sides of the job.  The border might be slightly uneven either from top to bottom or left to right. This is completely normal in the printing industry.

16. All business cards are required to have an 1/8" bleed. No exceptions. If there is no bleed, your cards run the risk of being mis-cut.  We are not responsible for checking files.

17. All text, important images, and logos, on all jobs are required to be 1/4" inside away from the edge so it is a safe place from being cut.  Text, images, and logos, can be cut off if these guidelines are not met.  We are not responsible if these guidelines are not met.

18. All jobs need to have a resolution of 300dpi.  We are NOT responsible for any problems with files that are sent to us for printing...such as low resolution files, wrong images, wrong sizes, wrong bleeds, no bleeds, etc.  We do check the size of the file but we do not check for quality of your image.

19. Standard printing practices require a tag (printed by on flyers. We do not tag our brokers' jobs.  If you do not want your job tagged please add that in the special instructions/comments section of your order.

20. By placing an order on our website you understand it is a sales contract.  If a problem arises we will do everything in our power to rectify the situation.  Your acceptance of the sales contract prohibits you from taking any action that negatively impacts Five Star Graphics & Promotions, LLC and  You also agree not to leave negative feedback on any websites or any social media outlets and you understand in doing so might result in legal action. 

21. We do not accept responsibility for color variations between artwork and the printed job. We do gang run printing. The print industry practice is to accept an overall pleasing color which is 90% - 10
0% accurate. By placing an order you agree to this.

We suggest all orders be placed on our web site.  If you insist to place an order over the phone or via email, we are not liable for orders processed wrong or shipped late due to lack of instructions or understanding.  

23. When submitting artwork, you guarantee the legal title of all matter submitted for printing. We are not liable for unwitting violation of copyright laws or illegal use of anything you have on your artwork.

24. We are not responsible for any delays, losts or damages once orders leave our facility.

25. If you place an order and change your mind we can not offer a refund but we will give you a credit towards a future order if the order has not been plated or printed.

26. If you are reprinting a previous job, there is a possibility the shades of color will not be exactly the same as the previous.  Colors printed on a previous Print Gang Run may not look exactly the same on most colors.

27. If you send PDF files, please make sure you set it up correctly for printing. Most of the time when a PDF is created, many things can go wrong BUT they cannot be seen until it has been printed. The problem occurs when images are left in RGB which may at times print in black and white, fonts not embedded or outlined, which may substitute. Those are common problem that may be seen with a JPG/JPEG which can be corrected prior to printing versus the PDF. We rather receive the FLAT JPG/JPEG file but if you do send a PDF file and something goes wrong you agree to take full responsibility of any errors and will not hold us accountable.

If you are reviewing artwork for proof to print, once you give the ok to print you agree you find the artwork 100% acceptable. You agree you have examined the artwork at least 3 times and take full responsibility of the artwork including but not limited to spelling, numbers, colors, size, images, and overall layout. It is strictly the client's responsibility to check bleeds, fonts, spelling, etc on all orders before they are submitted. Due to our Gang Run printing Process, Five Star Graphics & Printing, Inc. does not guarantee exact cuts or colors on all print orders. We are not responsible for proof reading, fixing, or adjusting any files sent to us. All jobs need to be paid in full before printing can begin. We are not responsible for any delays, losts or damages once orders leave our facility. Absolutely NO REFUNDS!

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