Most computer monitors and desktop printers use an RGB color composition, whereas high quality printing presses, such as ours, uses the CMYK color composition system. The colors that you see on your computer monitor uses RGB colors, and will not always match the final printed product which is printed using CMYK colors.

What is the difference between CMYK and RGB?
CMYK refers to C = Cyan (Blue), M = Magenta (Red), Y = Yellow, K = Black, the four ink colors used in 4-color process printing.
RGB refers to R = Red, G = Green, and B = Blue. RGB is the display color seen on monitors, scanners, and digital cameras.

When it comes to printing, files/images should be converted to CMYK. RGB is mainly used for web pages and digital displays and should NOT be used for printing.  Printing in RGB will cause the colors to vary when converted to CMYK for printing.

On double sided print jobs we imposition all our print runs in a clock wise direction.  If you need it a different way please notify us in the comments section of your order.

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