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How To Order

Ordering Instructions:

1. Set up an account.
2. Fill in your order (name, order size, quantity, billing and shipping information.)
3. Upload your art or instruct your graphic designer to upload the art (if needed) 2mb max each file.  If the size is more then 2mb you can email the files to along with your order number.
4. Your order will be printed and shipped within an estimated 12-48 hours.

Please remember:

1. For regular turnaround time, files must be submitted by 8pm EST.  For all files submitted after the cutoff, the order might be processed on the next business day.  We can sometimes process orders after 8pm but it not a guarantee.  

2. In order to obtain the best possible quality for your print job, please review the following guidelines for preparing your file:

- Accepted file types: jpg, psd and tiff. Max size per file 2MB to upload. If the size is more then 2mb you can email the files to along with your order number.
- Minimum file resolution is 300dpi.
- Please keep all text/logos at least "1/8th - "1/4 of an inch away from the edge of the design. This is the safe area to allow room for cutting and trimming.
- The best 4 color "black" for backgrounds: Cyan 30%, Magenta 30%, Yellow 30% & Black 100%.
- All files must be "flattened."
-We tag all jobs (except business cards and broker jobs) with "printed by" unless requested otherwise.  This is a standard practice in the printing industry.
- Fonts & images should be embedded in the file. We are unable to accept attached fonts or images unless a design is needed and ordered.
- Please be aware all UV1 jobs will take 2-5 days.

The outer edge of your artwork is considered a (safe area) that is used for cutting.  No important text or images should be put within this area for safety. An 1/8 (.125) of an inch is the minimum required, but we always recommend you to use a 1/4 inch (.25) for better results.

Here is an example of the correct way to submit your files:

This sample below will show you how the same file
comes out when submitted incorrectly.

Please notice, the file was designed with all of the text and graphics right up to the corner edge. In the end result, the cutting of logos, text, and graphics will occur.