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Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is the most affordable way to mail promotional materials to every address in your local area.  Please leave a 4.25x2.25 box on the back of the design for the Post Office to apply the mailing addresses.

EDDM has simplified the whole direct mail marketing process. Instead of specific addresses being targeted, EDDM works on location targeting in which every address on a postal route is delivered your promotional postcard along with the day's mail. It's such a simple solution but is hugely effective for:
  • Restaurants
  • Retail Stores
  • Dentists
  • Attorneys
  • Doctors/Health Clinics/Hospitals
  • Dry Cleaners
  • Churches
  • Tax Preperation
  • Gyms/Fitness Centers
  • Moving/Storage
  • Museums
  • Amusement Parks/Local Attractions
  • Salons/Spas/Barbershops
  • Florists
  • Insurance Agents
  • Auto Repair
  • Auto Sales Dealers
  • Car Washes/Detailing
  • Carper Cleaning
  • House Cleaning
  • Pest Control
  • Landscaping
  • Heating & AC
  • Electricians
  • Real Estate
  • Banks
  • Credit Repair
and hundreds of other businesses that rely on walk-in local customers. 

The main difference between EDDM and direct marketing is that EDDM doesn't require any preparing of mailing lists. While when using services of direct marketing, you literary need to have correct names and addresses of clients where you want your advertising material to be sent, EDDM makes the entire process much simpler as you don't need to know any details of people who you are trying to reach. 

We do not do the mailing.  We will print the postcards and once you have them, you can bring them to your local post office.  You do not need to mail them all, you can mail a minimum of 200 at a time.

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  • Please remember to keep all critical text and images 1/8" from the edges on all designs. We will not be responsible for cutting errors if you do not follow this policy.
  • Standard printing practices require a tag on all orders (printed by We do not tag our brokers' jobs or business cards. If you do not want your job tagged please add that in the special instructions/comments section of your order.
  • We do not accept responsibility for color variations between artwork and the printed job. We do gang run printing. The print industry practice is to accept an overall pleasing color which is 90% - 100% accurate. By placing an order you agree to this.