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Comp Cards

For all models, actors, actresses, and more.  Your comp card helps to get you noticed and considered for projects. A comp card provides a small collection of pictures and basic stats.  You have seconds to convince an art director or agency executive to call you for an interview or a photo shoot.  Comp cards are very essential to have today.

We do not print comp cards on flimsy photo paper.  We print on card stock paper with a free uv shiny gloss coating.  We print full color on both sides for the same low price.

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Comp Cards
Comp Cards
  • Size is standard 8.5x5.5
  • Printed on card stock.
  • Printed full color on both sides for the same low price
  • Free uv gloss coating.
  • Please remember to keep all critical text and images 1/8" from the edges on all designs.